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While Wausau WI may be the 25th out of 50 when it comes to state population, there is nothing average about the state of Wausau WI. With a vibrant culture as well as rich history it makes the state a great place to live and work. Just like the state itself, El Monte Locksmith is not your average locksmith company.

We offer mobile technicians who come to your location to complete a wide range of professional locksmith services; no matter if they are automotive, commercial or residential services. Our mobile locksmiths are constantly ready to respond to emergency service requests and can arrive on site very fast to help you get back to your own schedule as quick as possible.

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Auto Locksmith Services

Car keys are a specialty for El Monte Locksmith and you can find detailed information on our automotive locksmith page. With professionally trained and experienced technicians we can cut and program nearly every car key that is available today. Ignition changes and car unlocks are both service that our locksmiths inEl Monte are able to complete. They keep all of their part and tools necessary to complete service, with them, in their mobile service unit.

Residential and commercial service are both available from our Wausau WI locksmiths. Our technicians use their experience to find what weaknesses in your home or business a thief may try to take advantage of; then help you devise a plan that will prevent you and your property from being jeopardized. Lock changes are a common service that a Wausau WI locksmith from El Monte Locksmith completes.

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Mobile Locksmith Services

In his mobile service unit our technician carries with him multiple locks, with a range of security grades so that he can find the right combination of security and pricing that works for your needs. If you are looking for the most economical way to improve the security of your home or business one of our Wausau WI locksmiths may recommend re-key your lock to ensure that only authorized individuals have access.

Closed circuit television and push bar installation are two of many services which can be used to improve the security of your home or business. Speak with your local technician to find out what type of service may be right for your needs and business. El Monte Locksmith works tirelessly to continue to offer more technicians in more locations than ever before, so if you do not see your local area below, feel free to call in order to find out if we have a Wausau WI locksmith who can serve you.

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